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We owe you FREE Cutco! 
The truth is you deserve outstanding service, friendly support, and BONUS OFFERS...WHO DOESN'T WANT THIS?
  • Benefit #1 - Enjoy having a local customer service representative that can help with all of your CUTCO needs
  • Benefit #2 -  Courtesy sharpening events or in-home servicing
  • Benefit #3 - FREE Cutco, bonus offers, and discounts
**After the first 50 items are given away, everyone else will still be entered into a raffle for a FREE $100 CUTCO Gift!**
**Enter your information and you will be mailed your FREE Cutco item and you will be sent information about a sharpening event in your local area.
***This is a private promotion, not affiliated with Cutco Corp.
Enter Your Info Below and Your FREE $40 CUTCO Item will be shipped out right away!
OF COURSE YOU HAVE QUESTIONS!! ... We have Answers. 
"Why am I getting this email?"
You have purchased Cutco from a student or a sales representative who is no longer actively serving clients. We wanted to show our appreciation for you and your loyalty to the Cutco brand by giving you a FREE Gift ($40 CUTCO Peeler)
"What's the catch?"
No Catch!  You get a FREE CUTCO Peeler shipped to you.  You will also get the most up-to-date sales offers and promotions, along with the contact information to an active Cutco Sales Professional who can Sharpen & Service all of your Cutco Products in your local area.
"Is this legit?"
Absolutely!  I know it seems "too good to be true" but it's not. We know what it's like to spend a lot of money and then feel abandoned by the sales person or the company.  This is our way of saying you are not forgotten! 
"Can I get my Cutco Sharpened?
Absolutely!  Under your Forever Guarantee you get unlimited service, replacement, repair, and sharpening.  Simply click here and see if there are any Service Events in your Local Area where you can bring your Cutco to get Professionally Sharpened for FREE! 
STILL NOT CONVINCED?  Watch this Video Below Explaining!
  • Community: We give back to the less fortunate monthly by making sandwiches and distributing them in our local area
  • Care: We provide personal growth for all of our sales associates
  • Fun: We do team building activities that involves families and friends of all ages
  • Cookware: AMAZING waterless cookware that's guaranteed forever!
  • Flatware: Elegant forks and spoons.  Forever Beauty in a Box
  • Gifts: Everything can be customized and engraved
My name is Mike Abramowitz.  I have been working as an independent Cutco Sales Representative since 2004.  I have 1000+ clients that I service and support annually and have trained thousands of other sales representatives during the past decade.

My team is making this offer to you because your representative has moved on from working with Cutco and we want to ensure that you have a point of contact for sharpening, service requests, and any Cutco needs you might have.  In order to earn your business, and trust, we are giving away 50 CUTCO Items ($40 value) for FREE!

You can always work directly with Cutco Corp in New York, but there's nothing like having a local representative to help you out.  You can find me on social media or email me directly if you have any questions.  

Enjoy your free gift and I hope to meet you at one of our local service events soon! 


Mike Abramowitz
Email:  MAbramowitz@CutcoManager.com
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